Gua Sha and Cupping Massage




Cupping is a traditional practice that can be found in many different cultures.

Gua Sha


Gua Sha is similar to cupping in that it helps to increase qi and blood to the area.

Forever Glow

We all live with stress, which impacts our wellbeing in many ways. Helping your body deal with the stress is the only start towards feeling better. At Cocoona it’s all things Beauty. These Face and Neck exercises and self-massages will increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation in the Neck and Shoulders. Which in turn increases the follow of blood to the face, leaving behind a ‘forever glow’.


You must try it for 30 min to see the difference. We guarantee you will be addicted.

Disclaimer: It’s not for the faint hearted, these are high pressure massages, designed to relax deep muscles that are blocking the flow. Also, we will train you on how to do this, we won’t be doing it on you. Because, it’s you who can feel the knots and stiffness and work them as we advise you. In about 5 sessions you will be an expert in doing these every now on them in the convenience of your home.

  • One, 30 Minutes Session - 150 AED
  • Five, 30 Minutes Session - 600 AED
Gua Sha Stone Massages

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese/Korean/Japanese (Debatable) healing massages in which a smooth-edged tool is used to stroke the skin and muscles. Gua sha massage techniques have been used for generation to treat chronic pain all over their body.
Here at Cocoona, we like to focus on the face & neck and we specialize in:

  • Meridian Massage
  • Neck and Chest Massage
  • Cosmetic Face massage
Meridian Massage

In the 30 Minute session, we teach you how to address the blockages and stress in the Meridians on the face and head. This orgasmic massage will start a recovery we did even know was needed. It helps with the nasal sinuses, improves vision, helps with headache and migraine, slowly improving hair growth and increasing the blood circulation of the head.


Meridian Massage 30min Session – 200 AED

Neck and Chest Massage

You may say the neck and chest is the major gateway for the blood to your upper body. Having a relaxed, healed gateway means better flow. Which is important not just for looking good, alive or feeling good. It’s important for overall wellbeing.


Neck and Chest Massage 30 min Session – 200 AED

Cosmetic Face Massage

It’s said, a regular Gua Sha stone face massage will make you look younger by decades. The principles are the same: distressing the facial muscles and improving the blood circulation. A Cosmetic Gua Sha Massage, a couple of days before the party or an event, guarantees the spotlight on you.
This is a 60 Minute session, where we will work with you in identifying your concerns and help you find a plan to address these. The Cosmetic Face Gua Sha massage can help you get rid of wrinkles, lift your cheeks, define your jawline, release the spasms of the facial muscles -all this along with a forever glow and rejuvenation.


Cosmetic Face massage 60 min Session – 400 AED

Cupping Facial Massage

Cupping is trending globally across celebrities and the who’s and who recently. But it’s not a new method of promoting healing. It’s old and effective. Cupping facial massage is an alternative therapy that uses small suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which will help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair and regeneration.


2 sessions of 45 min and 45 min.

Again a do-it-yourself massage, we will teach you how to do these massages yourself. Once you are a pro, a 15 minute session every other day will leave you glowing brighter than you ever imagined.

  • 2 sessions of 45 min and 45 min - 600 AED
Face Sculpting Deep Tissue Massage

Working with the deep tissues of the face it’s always exciting as we can completely change and improve your facial features .This slow but super effective Face Sculpting Massage is something every woman should learn. We going to be focusing on lengthening and relaxing your facial muscles what will help you to reverse 5 to 10 years of your face! You only need your hands and desire to look better! The knowledge will stay with you forever.

  • Neck and Chest - 45 min
  • Lower Part of the Face - 1 hour
  • Mid Face - 1 hour
  • Upper part of the Face – 1 hour
  • Neck and Chest 45 min - 500 AED
  • Lower Part of the Face 1 hour - 600 AED
  • Mid Face 1 hour - 600 AED
  • Upper part of the Face 1 hour - 600 AED